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Fishing with Biodegradable Live Bait Alternatives
Kalins Rigging Tips - Tubes, Grubs and Jerk Minnows
Striper on Uncle Josh Pork
Jerry Bean's Jig Tips for Crappie Using Kalin's Grubs
by Mike Pehanich
The tube jig has caught more smallmouth bass on the Great Lakes than any other type of lure – perhaps more than all other lure categories combined! In the palm of your hand, that strange plastic with the squid-like tail may not resemble much of anything you have seen in fresh water. But rig it right and work it well, and it just mi...
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Fishing Bait and Lures from Uncle Josh

Get bigger fish in the cooler with a better name on the line.

Where reliability and results matter most, Uncle Josh delivers the fishing bait and lures to lock in your prize catch. With real scents, shapes and action, you’ll mimic the natural prey of your target fish. Match-the-hatch in any body of water with our huge selection of lifelike fishing bait. Shop by fish species to easily find your preferred bait and make any fish YOUR prey.

Beaver Dam Ice Fishing: Ice Rods, Tip Ups and Accessories

Beaver Dam ice fishing equipment is highly rated among professional and recreational ice fishers alike. Beaver Dam is known for sturdy construction and high performance. Hard & Soft Fishing supplies these awesome ice fishing tools:

Ice Rods Rail Tip Ups & Round Tip Ups Ice Fishing Bait Parts & Accessories
Ice Fishing Rods Ice Fishing Tip Up Ice Fishing Bait Ice Fishing Tip Up Winder
Check out this seasons ice rods and ice rod combos. Keep up to date with what's eating your bait. Find the best baits and lures to get your biggest catch yet.
Be prepared for anything when heading out this season.

Year-Round Fishing Bait and Tackle, for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

For your inner-fishing pro looking forward to bagging your biggest bass, netting your next northern, and landing your long-awaited muskellunge, complete your great outdoor adventures with Uncle Josh. Put our name on the line and experience our proven results: more fish, bigger fish, and more satisfied fishermen.

From freshwater fishing bait for reeling in more panfish and gamefish to saltwater fishing lures for pulling in the biggest, hardest-to-catch trophy fish, your next fishing adventure starts with Uncle Josh. Fish on.

Pork Bait

Other Bait

Fishing Lures


Uncle Josh’s PORK: Real Fishing Bait. Real Scent. Reel Results.

Uncle Josh's Meat Natural Pork Bait Our Uncle Josh MEAT™ series smells, tastes and swims like live bait. With an authentic organic texture, this pork bait’s scent regenerates in the bag. Our scented bait isn't just for catfish and carp. MEAT baits move with an irresistible natural wiggle, encouraging sight fish to hit and hit hard. Start getting more bites today by trying MEAT and other brands of tackle and fishing bait in the Uncle Josh family. MEAT natural pork bait products View Meat Natural Pork Bait

Double H Outdoors Fishing Supplies

Uncle Josh now supplies ice fishing equipment and accessories from Double H Outdoors. Products from Double H Outdoors includes:

  • Tip-Up Lockers
  • Tip Down Systems
  • Beverage Holders
  • Rod Holders
  • Easy Reel Systems
  • Hook Holders
  • Tip-Up Locker Bucket Kits

The Tip Down system is implemented on a standard ice fishing bucket, and is very easy to install and use. When a fish bites, the pole moves downward. Simply grab the handle and pull the pole up to set the hook. The Tip Down will fit almost every ice fishing rod and reel combo.

The Easy Reel System is compatible with all Beaver Dam style tip-ups. It has a compact style, so you can use and store it without getting your line tangled.

Best Fishing Baits to Help You Catch More Fish

With the widest selection of highly effective fishing bait, Uncle Josh has the perfect tackle for all your freshwater and saltwater needs. Our innovative fishing lures, spinners, and jigs are extensively tested and proven to deliver increased catch rates.

Uncle Josh has the perfect fishing baits and lures for all conditions and all waters, from streams and rivers to lakes and oceans. Our comprehensive line of fishing tackle includes Bombshell Lures, Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Tip Ups and Tackle, Bead Saltwater Fishing Lures, Atom Plugs, Bass Stalker Fishing Jigs, Sizmic Lures, Kalin Grubs and Jigs, Little Stinker Catfish Bait, and Uncle Josh’s MEAT™.

Uncle Josh gives anglers the confidence needed to catch more fish and bigger fish. By expanding our family of specialty fishing lures to include the most trusted names, we ensure you’ll have the best fishing baits for a wide variety of fishing styles and techniques. Reel-in the real success of Uncle Josh by trying our fishing lures and baits today. From young, first-time anglers landing their first fish to amateur and professional fisherman landing record-breaking monsters, Uncle Josh helps you add to your stringer and memories alike.

Fish on. Shop fishing bait and lures from Uncle Josh today.

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