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The Uncle Josh Bait Company brings you the highest quality fishing bait and lures. Our fishing supplies and gear are organized by three major categories for your convenience. Simply browse our extensive catalogue by brand, type of fishing, or targeted species.

Shop Freshwater, Saltwater, and Ice Fishing Supplies by Water Type

In any place, at any depth, the Uncle Josh Bait Company delivers the most effective products on the market. From scented fishing baits in the smallest streams and ponds, to saltwater fishing lures in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, to Beaver Dam Tip Ups over ice fishing holes across the globe, we’re proud to help worldwide fishermen catch more fish. View tackle by fishing type to get the perfect gear for your next outdoor excursion.

Shop Fishing Gear by Brand

By delivering the widest selection of fishing bait and tackle from the top names in the industry, the Uncle Josh Bait Company helps you fish like a pro in any conditions. We offer lures, baits, jigs and equipment from brands like Atom, Bass Stalker, Swiper, Bead, Kalin’s, Little Stinker, and Uncle Josh’s MEAT. Use the shop fishing bait and lures by brand category to choose among the most trusted names in fishing tackle.

Shop Fishing Bait and Lures by Species

At Uncle Josh, “Match the Hatch” means a lot more than offering a variety of colors. We produce fishing baits with the best combination of size, silhouette and action for what your target fish is eating. And our pork baits offer a natural wiggle and scent unable to be replicated by inorganic alternatives. Simply choose the right depth and speed and you WILL maximize your presentation to the fish. Shop fishing bait and tackle by species to choose the best baits for catfish, carp, bass, trout, muskie, crappie, pike, striper, redfish, flounder, tuna, halibut and bluefish.

Fish on. Choose your preferred fishing bait and lures.

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