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Bass Stalker Jigs for Bass FishingA bass angler’s best friend is a slow falling freshwater fishing jig. Bass Stalker Jigs are scientifically designed with a unique cupped center to fall slower and more naturally. When a slower descent means more time in the strike zone, Bass Stalker Jigs mean more bass. Bass Stalker provides bass bait of all sorts for anglers who “stalk” the bass where they live. The Rattlin’ Grass Stalker bass jig from Bass Stalker is ideal for hunting bass in deep vegetation. Bass fishing jigs like the Rock Stalker are perfect for skirting the lake bottom without getting snagged up on rocks or in the weeds. When you’re looking for bass jigs to go in the deepest, thickest weeds, and draw even more strikes, look for Bass Striker Jigs.

Fish on. Check out the Swim Stalker and other bass fishing jigs from Bass Stalker Jigs below or browse our entire fishing bait and tackle selection to find the freshwater fishing jigs, spinner baits or other fishing lures from the best brands in the industry.

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