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Uncle Josh has a tackle box for every kind of fishing. Some are full of saltwater jigs, others are just for catfish, and most are a mix of every brand and jig imaginable; but every tackle box has one thing in common, they all have Bead tackle. We are always prepared for whatever might be on the water.

Whether you’re a saltwater or freshwater fisherman, Bead brings you high quality fishing lures and tackle. With unmatched swivels, leaders, casting and trolling sinkers, lock snaps and keel spinners, fishing with Bead products will have you casting farther and staying twist and tangle free longer. Bead is your exclusive source for the Bridgeport Diamond Jig - the most acclaimed saltwater fishing jig ever made. Bead is committed to providing first class fishing tackle you can depend on. Hammer saltwater fish with unrivaled Bead saltwater fishing jigs and count on Bead tackle to keep your line in the strike  zone. 

Fish on. Check out superior freshwater and saltwater jigs and reliable tackle from Bead below or check out Uncle Josh’s other top brands. Our vast fishing bait and lures inventory for the best bass jigs, plugs, spinner baits and other fishing lures to catch your prey.

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