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Crafting the Best Baits for Bluefish

Bluefish Baits and LuresBluefish are popular saltwater game fish found along the United States’ eastern Atlantic coast. You’ll primarily find bluefish inhabiting shallow waters foraging near the surface. Adult bluefish are aggressive predators, mainly preying on baitfish fish. Sardines, anchovies, shrimp and squid are popular bluefish meals. Large bluefish groups will attack schools of forage fish churning the water and creating an easily visible feeding frenzy. Finding group of “schooling” bluefish makes for an exciting fishing experience. Approach these feeding frenzies quietly and turn off your boat’s engine to avoid disturbing the bluefish. Beware the bluefish’s razor sharp teeth as you pull one into your boat.

Shop Bluefish Lures and Baits

Plugs and spoons imitating live fish are the best lures for bluefish. Surface plugs like the Atom Striper Swiper and the Atomizer are highly successful bluefish fishing lures. Try a top water plug like the Atom Forty Swimmer, reel steadily keeping the bluefish lure two to three feet under the water. Sharp bluefish teeth easily bite through lines, attach a leader at least eight to ten inches long to keep avoid losing the fish and your lure. Five inch Kalin’s grubs in natural colors are another sure bet for landing bluefish.

Bluefish Fishing Tips and Tricks

The bluefish, can make for a fantastic fishing experience.  Commonly found in large numbers around the Northeastern coast of the United States, a large amount of expensive fishing equipment is not necessarily needed in order to catch them.  In addition, because they are relatively easy to catch bluefish are perfect for beginners, or those new to saltwater fishing.  This fishing guide combined with some of Uncle Josh’s premium fishing tackle will have you pulling in bluefish all day long.

Where to find Bluefish

While bluefish are very common, knowing where to look for them can greatly increase your chances of catching one.  For starters, bluefish are saltwater fish.   They can be found mostly in bays, areas of merging water, and in open ocean areas.  Typically shallow bays are some of the more prominent areas for this particular fish. 

They are extremely aggressive, and can often be found in groups preying on schools of smaller marine animals.  Keep an eye out for hovering birds, as they often like to fly over areas where bluefish are in order to grab any leftovers.  Bluefish are more likely to bite at dawn or dusk, but it is not uncommon to catch them during any time of day.

How to Fish for Bluefish

First, you must keep in mind that the bluefish has extremely sharp teeth.  They are dangerous both in the water, on the boat/dock, and are notorious for biting most anything they come into contact with despite the size. 

There are many excellent artificial lures/jigs available on the market that will work almost as well.  Specifically look into using the following products:

Bluefish will bite on just about anything, making a large majority of Uncle Josh’s products great for these fish.  When it comes to bluefish, there is no need to dig too deep into your wallet for tackle.  They make for a fun, inexpensive, and memorable fishing experience.

Fish on. Look through our collection of the best bluefish fishing lures and fishing bait for other species or browse the entire selection of Uncle Josh plugs, swimmers, fishing jigs, lures, tackle and accessories.

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