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Carp are omnivorous freshwater fish. Carp eat all sorts of food from algae and insects to water fleas and freshwater shrimp. The nostrils above a carp’s mouth provide an attuned sense of smell for finding food. A heightened olfactory system allows carp to sense all water dissolved substances. A carp will smell and taste their potential meal to determine if it’s truly edible. Before casting into a new spot, try throwing out few handfuls of carp bait to chum the water. Before chumming, check out local laws to make sure it’s a legal method.

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Uncle Josh carries high quality dough ball carp bait with proven success catching monster carp. Our natural carp bait is conveniently packaged in a resealable tub to preserve its flavor. Our Carp Fishing Bait is made of authentic Iowa corn providing a taste and smell carp can’t resist. Uncle Josh dough ball carp bait is available in a variety of tasty flavors.

Carp Fishing Tips and Tricks

Carp, while not particularly known for being tasty, is often viewed as a pest fish. Carp is still sought after to influence population control and for sporting purposes.  They can often get extremely large in size, making them fun to fish for. 

Carp are slightly different from most other traditional fish in the sense that they are omnivores so a wide range of baits can be used to attract them (including corn!).  They will bite on a hook and lure, but you greatly increase your chances when using a specific bait made for carp.

Where to find Carp

The answer to this question is simple: anywhere.  Carp can be found in bodies of freshwater, and like to hang out just about any place a fisherman might be able to think of.  In fact, in many areas carp are considered to be an “invasive species.”  They are overpopulating large bodies of fresh water and driving out the native fish.  So, whether you are fishing off the shore, in a boat smack dab in the middle of the lake, or wherever else you may be carp are likely to be in abundance. 

How to Fish for Carp

When it comes to fishing for carp, it really is incredibly difficult to go wrong.  On the other hand, there are a few things that can be done to increase your chances of catching carp specifically.

  • Throw out a carp bait before casting.
  • Don’t use shiny hooks/bait
  • Fish near ducks or geese.  Carp tend to follow them.

Ultimately, by fishing for and eliminating carp you are doing most any body of water a favor.  They can lead to overpopulation, extreme algae buildup, and usually make fishing for more desirable fish a lot more difficult.

Fish on. Check out Uncle Josh’s irresistible carp baits below or look at our entire selection of fishing baits and lures for all fish species available online.

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