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PUNCH BAIT 3 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock
LS DIP BAIT 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
LS DOUGH BAIT -16 OZ 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
TUBE PASTE 5 Variants Starting at $3.49 in_stock
LARGE KAT LURE 3 Variants Starting at $2.49 in_stock
LARGE KAT LURE 2-PK 2 Variants Starting at $3.49 in_stock
L.S. SPRING BAIT HOOK / 3 PK Product Number: KL-SBH2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S. BAIT HOLDER/2PK Product Number: KL-BHX2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S.DOUGHBALL BAIT HOOKS/ 3 PK Product Number: KL-DBHX2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S. DIP BAIT WORM RIG RED 3PK Product Number: MRCW-3RED $2.79 in_stock
L.S. STICKY WORM LURE/2PK Product Number: KL-TBX2 $2.79 in_stock
LITTLE STINKER CIRCLE HOOK BAIT RIG Product Number: LS CBR-3/0 $2.59 in_stock
NOODLE AND JUG 3 Variants Starting at $4.49 in_stock

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Catfish are bottom feeders living mostly in freshwater rivers and ponds. A large portion of the catfish diet consists of small fish, crawfish and insects. Catfish are also carrion eaters. Dead fish, dead bugs and decaying vegetation are all popular catfish dishes. Scented catfish lures are necessary as catfish use smell for finding their food. Catfish search for food using their sense of smell, making scented catfish bait highly effective.

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Little Stinker makes scented catfish bait to help you land the monster catfish of your dreams. Choose from blood, chicken liver and rotten shad scented catfish bait combined with a Little Stinker catfish lure and watch the cats line up for dinner. There are a few options for applying the scented catfish bait. Dip a Little Stinker Dip Bait Worm into a tub of catfish dip bait when fishing in moving waters. The current will carry the catfish bait’s scent downstream. When lake fishing catfish try squeezing some Little Stinker tube bait into a teardrop catfish lure and cast around brush, rocks or other structures where catfish like to hide.

Fish on. Check out the full line of Little Stinker scented catfish baits and catfish lures below or browse our entire inventory of fishing bait and lures for other fish species.

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