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PUNCH BAIT 3 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock
LS DIP BAIT 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
LS DOUGH BAIT -16 OZ 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
TUBE PASTE 5 Variants Starting at $3.49 in_stock
LARGE KAT LURE 3 Variants Starting at $2.49 in_stock
LARGE KAT LURE 2-PK 2 Variants Starting at $3.49 in_stock
L.S. SPRING BAIT HOOK / 3 PK Product Number: KL-SBH2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S. BAIT HOLDER/2PK Product Number: KL-BHX2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S.DOUGHBALL BAIT HOOKS/ 3 PK Product Number: KL-DBHX2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S. DIP BAIT WORM RIG RED 3PK Product Number: MRCW-3RED $2.79 in_stock
L.S. STICKY WORM LURE/2PK Product Number: KL-TBX2 $2.79 in_stock
NOODLE AND JUG 3 Variants Starting at $4.49 in_stock

Little Stinker’s Catfish Baits and Lures

Little Stinker manufactures only the best and most durable catfish bait, lures and tackle like the Little Stinker Amazing Pop-Up Fish-a-Noodle™ or Catfish Dip Baits. Catfish have stronger lips and mouths than most other fish like perch and walleye. If you’re planning on fishing for catfish, give yourself the best matchup with Little Stinker’s baits and lures.

Fishing for catfish is unlike fishing for any other freshwater fish. There is no need for over the top lure action and movement, or complex lure colors. The catfish is much more simplistic. Catfish do not rely on their sight like most other game fish. They rely on smell. This is why we offer baits and lures potent enough to interest any sized catfish. Not only do our products smell real, they taste delicious to the fish too, making the fish latch onto your Little Stinker lure with all their might.

Catfish Bait and Tackle - Make a Run at the Record Books

Catfish can vary in size and weight depending on where you are fishing for them. The largest one caught in America weighed over 120 lbs! Little Stinkers crafts the most durable, strongest, and sharpest hooks and baits to effectively lure and boat the next record fish.

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