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WAC-O FINESSE JIG 6 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
2" LUNKER GRUBS 7 Variants Starting at $2.69 in_stock
KALIN'S 2" TRIPLE THREAT GRUB 68 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
KALIN'S 3" SLIM TRIPLE THREAT GRUB 7 Variants Starting at $3.19 in_stock
KALIN'S 1 3/4" TRIPLE THREAT CRAPPIE SCRUB 24 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
2" MEAT LEECH 6 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
5" PORK MEAT LEECH -8PK 2 Variants Starting at $7.99 in_stock
#60 FLY STRIP 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
#90 FLY FLICKS - WHITE Product Number: 90 W $5.49 in_stock
GRASS SHRIMP - NATURAL Product Number: PB-GS $6.49 in_stock
WAX WORM Product Number: PB-WW $6.49 in_stock
MEAL WORM Product Number: PB-MW $6.49 in_stock
KALIN'S TRIPLE THREAT WIRE KEEPER JIG 16 Variants Starting at $4.49 in_stock

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Crafting the Best Baits for Crappie

Crappie Baits for Sale OnlineCrappies are freshwater fish commonly inhabiting timber and brushy cover in lakes and rivers throughout the lower 48 states. Crappie feed most actively around dusk and dawn on a diet mostly consisting of smaller fish. The crappie’s diverse diet also includes small crustaceans and insects. The best time for crappie fishing is during their primary feeding time. Small crappie lures imitating minnows are highly effective, especially during their spawning season in the spring. Once a crappie has taken the bait, don’t set the hook too hard. It’s easy to pull a hook right through the paper thin crappie mouth.

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Uncle Josh carries the best crappie fishing lures to fill your live-well. Try out Kalin’s 1.5” Triple Threat Crappie Tube or their 2” Triple Threat Shad crappie lures for great results. Use Kalin’s Triple Threat Grubs on a small roundhead jig with a slip bobber for vertical jigging - guaranteed to work! Crappie fishing is even great on the ice. Try jigging Uncle Josh's MEAT on a small ice jig.

Fish on. Take a look at our wide selection of small grubs and the best crappie lures below, or check the entire Uncle Josh inventory for the best fishing baits and lures for any species of fish.

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