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Fish Can’t Resist Pork Bait

Although plastic lures have become more common in recent years, pork is still king. Used since the 1920s, Uncle Josh’s pork bait is made of real meat soaked in brine for a flavor fish can’t resist. Crawdads are a standard, go-to bait for bass. Use crawfish in early spring, when the water is just above 50°F, for unbeatable bass landing action. Plus, crayfish can be used along the bottom at any depth. Bass will strike at them almost anywhere.

Why Use Pork Crays Instead of Real Crawfish?

Pork crays, unlike real crawfish, can be used over and over again. You can catch multiple bass or other fish on the same cray without wasting time resetting your jig. When selecting your pork crawdad bait, be sure to match the color to local crayfish. Early in the spring, crawfish are usually darker, camouflaged colors. Once they molt, they change to an orange hue.

Choose Uncle Josh’s Pork Crawdads for their unmatched action simulating live, swimming crawfish. Our Pork Crawdad fishing bait is made from real pork rinds, producing incredible durability. You’ll catch more fish on our pork crawdads than with other brands or even using live bait.

Fish on. Buy Pork Crawdad fishing bait today or have a look at our complete line of Uncle Josh accessories and fishing bait for sale online.

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