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LS DOUGH BAIT -16 OZ 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock

Our scented dough baits are a special blend of savory flavors, pungent aromas, and secret ingredients catfish love.

Catfish hunt by smell, so a flashy lure won’t do much good. They want something smelly and tasty. 

Little Stinker scented catfish dough ball baits are available in three flavors including blood, chicken liver and original. Throw Little Stinker dough ball scented catfish fishing bait onto a dough ball hook or a “ready to go” rig for monster cats.

Not only is Little Stinker Dough Bait formulated to smell terrible (or amazing if you’re a catfish), it’s designed to dissolve slowly so the scent flows downstream; all while maintaining its adhesive properties so it won’t slide right off the lure.

Little Stinker Dough Bait is more than a secret formula, it’s a secret weapon! Monster cats love the smell of dough bait flowing downstream and won’t be able to resist. Choose the right smell for the day; blood, liver, or original flavors are sure to work. So head down to your favorite spot on the river, wrap some Little Stinker around a dough bait hook, plop your lure downstream, and get ready for a fun day of reeling in monster cats!

Fish on. Buy Little Stinker scented dough ball catfish fishing baits today or explore our whole inventory of Little Stinker catfish bait at Uncle Josh.

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