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BEAVER DAM HOODED SWEATSHIRT 6 Variants Starting at $49.99 in_stock
ACME HOODED SWEATSHIRT 4 Variants Starting at $49.99 in_stock
UNCLE JOSH/KALIN SWEATSHIRT 2 Variants Starting at $34.99 in_stock
KALIN'S HAT Product Number: KAH-N/W $16.99 in_stock
ACME HAT LITTLE CLEO Product Number: ACH-LC $16.99 in_stock
ACME HAT KASTMASTER Product Number: ACH-KM $16.99 in_stock
UNCLE JOSH HAT Product Number: UJH-B $11.89 in_stock
UNCLE JOSH HAT-KHAKI Product Number: UJH-K/S $11.89 in_stock
BEAVER DAM KNIT HAT-RED Product Number: BD-RKNIT $12.99 in_stock
BEAVER DAM KNIT HAT-CAMO Product Number: BD-CKNIT $12.99 in_stock
BEAVER DAM HAT-PINK CAMO Product Number: BDH-PC $16.99 in_stock
BEAVER DAM HAT-CAMO Product Number: BDH-RT $16.99 in_stock
BEAVER DAM HAT-BLACK/RED Product Number: BDH-R/B $16.99 in_stock
BEAVER DAM HAT-ORANGE CAMO Product Number: BDH-OC $16.99 in_stock
KALIN'S SHIRT 4 Variants Starting at $12.99 in_stock
ORIGINAL BEAVER DAM Product Number: BDTP-CL $39.99 in_stock
BEAVER STATION Product Number: BD-BUCKET $49.99 in_stock
BEAVER GRIP Product Number: BD-BB $14.99 in_stock

Fishing Lures, Bait And Tackle

When you wish for gift ideas for the fisherman in your life who has it all, Uncle Josh helps you fish your wish. At Uncle Josh, we understand two things: fish and fishermen. Fish respond to scented, lifelike fishing bait and lures. And fishermen respond to fish. Get the response you’re looking for this gift-giving occasion by shopping our featured fishing tackle below.

A fisherman is an experimenter. The angler constantly gathers information to improve his catch rate. Each outing brings a new set of variables and deepened understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Among other variables, fisherman will note their location, weather conditions, time of day, and types of fishing lures in establishing what works and what doesn’t. Accordingly, an effective fisherman is armed with the right bait for his targeted fish and fishing conditions. You can’t go wrong with equipping your favorite fishermen with a wider arsenal of freshwater bait, saltwater bait, or ice fishing bait. Below, Uncle Josh suggests popular fisherman gift ideas, including ice fishing tip ups and the best baits for bass, walleye, catfish and trout.

Fish On. Get the best gifts for your favorite angler by shopping Uncle Josh fishing bait today. Contact our fishing bait and lure experts from the Uncle Josh Bait Company for more information.

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