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DIAMOND "AVA" JIG 31 Variants Starting at $2.20 in_stock
PUNCH BAIT 3 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock
BEAVER GRIP Product Number: BD-BB $14.99 in_stock
TIP-UP LINE 6 Variants Starting at $3.99 in_stock

Freshwater, ice and saltwater fishing

Every set of conditions brings new variables into an equation with fish on one side and bait on the other. Balancing the equation leads to fish in your cooler, on your stringer, in your live well and on your wall.

From saltwater, to freshwater, to frozen water, the Uncle Josh Bait Company offers an extensive selection of fishing baits and lures perfectly suited to match the profile and action of a multitude of fish. The wiggle and scent of our natural pork baits provides a distinct advantage for any angler armed with Uncle Josh’s MEAT in their tackle box. The only thing left for you to do is to find the appropriate place, depth and speed for the given conditions. Stated simply: put our products near a target fish of any kind and you will catch more fish.

Fish on. Shop high quality fishing bait and lures by choosing freshwater, saltwater, or ice fishing gear below.

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