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DIAMOND "AVA" JIG 35 Variants Starting at $2.20 in_stock
BELLY STRIP 9 Variants Starting at $7.99 in_stock
9" MEAT EEL Product Number: 9EEL AM EEL Starting at $7.99 in_stock
#70 STRIPER & MUSKIE STRIP 3 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
#50-S JUNIOR SEA STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
BUCKTAIL 23 Variants Starting at $4.49 in_stock
DIAMOND JIGS 9 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
DIAMOND JIGS (JIGS FOR RIGS) 7 Variants Starting at $6.59 in_stock
GLOW DIAMOND JIGS (JIGS FOR RIGS) 7 Variants Starting at $6.59 in_stock

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Crafting the Best Baits for Flounder

Flounder Bait for Sale OnlineFlounder are flatfish commonly found along the United States’ eastern Atlantic coast. Flounders spend most their time near the ocean bottom where they ambush their prey. A flounder’s diet mostly consists of shrimp, crab and fish. Lagoons, estuaries and among the mangroves in brackish creeks are popular flounder habitats.

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Uncle Josh’s new Saltwater Meat Belly Strips are the ultimate, all natural bait for flounder. The natural pork bait smells, moves and looks like the real prey flounder love. Try throwing the 5” Belly Strip on a light colored lead head jig and bump the flounder jig along the bottom. The Meat Shrimp work especially well when slowly hopped along the muddy bottom.

Fish on. Check out our selection of the best flounder bait below or have a look at the entire Uncle Josh inventory of fishing lures, bait, jig heads, scented baits, tackle and accessories available online by target fish species.

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