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Pork Bait: A Fisherman’s Best Friend

First used in 1921, pork rind is a tried and true artificial bait for a wide variety of fish. Made from real meat cured in super salty brine, pork rind bait is irresistible to most fish. Normally available in large sizes, Uncle Josh Fly Flicks are the smallest pork rind fishing baits available. If you’re new to pork baits, you’re in for a treat. You’ll nail everything from bluegill to salmon. Our pork rind fly flicks have a pre-made hole-punch for easy baiting.

Small Pork Rind Bait Is Ideal for Fly Fishing

Small and lightweight, Uncle Josh’s fly flicks are great for fly fishing. Try using a wooly worm with your fly flicks for a great perch catching set-up. Their small size makes them less likely to get caught up in weeds or among rocks. Pork bait also floats better than other baits, offering a more lifelike and very tempting target for fish. Buy a pack of our pork rind fly flicks and start landing pan-fish, trout, salmon, bass, shad and small channel bass like never before.

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