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SIZMIC SHAD 22 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock
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SIZMIC WAC-O-WORM 14 Variants Starting at $5.49 in_stock
PUNCH BAIT 3 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock
4" AND 5" JERK MINNOW 12 Variants Starting at $5.49 in_stock
TUBE JIG 4 Variants Starting at $2.69 in_stock

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Land More Fish with Top Freshwater Fishing Lures, Baits and Tackle 

Uncle Josh Fishing Bait Company offers fishing lures with better action and fishing bait with stronger scents. Fish can’t help but strike and strike HARD. From Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike to Catfish and Carp, our freshwater fishing bait helps you put more fish in your live well and bigger fish on your wall.

Irresistible Soft Bait for Freshwater Fish

From Kalin’s grubs to the Catalpa worm catfish bait, we offer the best names in soft bait for freshwater fishing. We carry a wide variety of colors shapes and sizes so you can fill your tackle box with fishing bait for every occasion. Check out our entire selection of soft baits for freshwater fishing and start catching more fish today!

Natural Pork Bait for the Look, Smell, and Feel Fish Love

Uncle Josh’s natural pork bait delivers the unrivaled natural action, look, and smell freshwater fish go crazy for. While Uncle Josh pork baits are great for catching a wide variety of fish species, bass are by far the most well-known target fish.  A jig n’ pig setup with one of our many great pork trailers will guarantee more monster bass on the end of your line. Shop our natural pork bait for an essential addition to your tackle box. 

Jig Heads for Every Occasion

Kalin’s jig heads come in a number of styles to accommodate a wide variety of fishing situations. Whether you’re attacking the heaviest weed beds with the Rattlin’ Grass Stalker or fishing the stream with our floating jig heads, we have the right jig for you. Check out all our jig heads to accompany your trailers for the ultimate freshwater fishing bait. 

Check out the freshwater fishing baits and lures from the top fishing brands on the market today. Uncle Josh is your source for fishing bait from Bombshell Lures, Beaver Dam Ice Fishing, Bead, Lures by Atom, Bass Stalker, Sizmic, Kalin’s, Little Stinker Catfish Bait, and Uncle Josh’s MEAT.

Spring Fishing

When the water starts warming up, fish begin moving to shallower waters. Early spring is great for catching walleye, bass, trout, crappies and northern pike. The fish usually start biting about a week after the ice is thawed. The best time of day to catch early spring fish is late afternoon through early eating. This is when the water is warmer and the fish are eating the most.

As the water warms up, most fish usually move towards more shallow water to get ready for spawning or feeding off shallow water prey.

Summer Fishing

Most freshwater fish like to retreat to cooler waters as the weather heats up; but different species of fish prefer different environments in the summer.

Walleyes get lazier in the summer and go to deeper, cooler waters. Walleye prefer an easy catch and don’t like hunting for a meal; finding bait resembling a minnow or a forage fish is usually effective. If you’re looking for crappies, find the nearest dock (crappies love hiding under docks in the summer). Try using a weighted jig and bobber; this allows you to float the bait right under the dock and into the crappies’ face. When the sun beats down, bass like to find shady waters under a tree or in root wads to cool off. Bass like to strike top water baits like toads or mice this time of year; be sure to splash around a bit to get their attention.

The right bait is everything, but you need to find the fish first! Find cool waters during the summer, and go deep for lazy fish, or into the shade for more active hunters.

Fish on. Shop the freshwater fishing bait and lures or check out the full selection of bait and tackle by fish species from the Uncle Josh Bait Company.

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