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Jig n Pig: Classic Pork Rind Frog Shaped Bait

First made in a pinch when live frogs ran out on a fishing trip, the Uncle Josh Pork Frog is a celebrated original. Featuring unmatched natural movement and a salty smell, pork frogs are an irresistible bait for many fish. After years of catching literally tons of fish, Uncle Josh’s pork frog remains the world’s most popular pork rind creature bait. Pair your meaty pork frog with a skirted bass jig and you’ll find out why the jig n pig is a renowned combination.

Color and Pattern Variations Available to Match Local Species

When Uncle Josh first started selling frog pork baits, they were only available in white. Now, there’s a wide assortment of colors, patterns and sizes. Pick the right bait to match the local frogs for a perfect bass lure. Each of our baits offers unique wiggling action you won’t get with a soft plastic bait, ensuring you’ll have a better artificial frog for your targeted fish. Start or continue using our pork frogs in a Jig ‘N’ Pig combination for unrivaled success catching monster bass.

Fish on. Buy our Uncle Josh pork frog fishing bait today or browse our entire selection of accessories and fishing bait for sale online.

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