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Crafting the Best Bait for Halibut

Halibut Bait from Uncle Josh FishingHalibut are large, bottom feeding flatfish living in the northern regions of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Overfishing on the eastern coast has decreased the east coast population and most halibut eaten in the United States is from the northern Pacific coast. Halibut sport fishing is wildly popular in Alaska, where sport fishing is a primary element in the tourism industry. Halibut find their food using smell, sight and taste. A halibut’s natural diet consists of crustaceans and smaller fish. Herring and octopus are among the most common halibut meals.

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Try dropping the Atom Atomic Bullet with cut bait and bouncing the halibut bait to send out the scent and vibrations known to attract halibut. Chumming the water with salmon heads or other cut bait is a great method to make halibut more active and more likely to hit your halibut lure. Big halibut baits and heavy jig heads are perfect for snagging the giant bottom feeders. Tie on Kalin’s 10” Big’N Grub with a lead head jig for halibut success. Uncle Josh’s new Saltwater Meat Belly Strips perfectly complement a large saltwater jig for a rig halibut can’t resist.

Fishing Tips and Tricks

Halibut is not only delicious to eat, but also because of their size they are an extremely popular sporting fish as well.  Halibut are large bottom feeders that can be found in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. 

Due to overfishing, commercial halibut fishing regulations have recently been established, making private fishing a more reasonable option.  Halibut commercial fish farms are gradually popping up as well.  Halibut are saltwater fish only and their diet consists mainly of small marine organisms and crustaceans.

Where to find Halibut

Halibut are deep water bottom feeders, and therefore are unlikely to be found near the surface.  Finding halibut can be a bit of a frustrating game of cat & mouse. 

Typically, 200-300 feet can be considered the prime depth for halibut; however, the younger the fish is, the more likely you will find it in shallower waters.  Also, adult halibut can be found in shallower waters during the summer, and deeper colder waters in the winter.  A boat is a necessity, as these fish can’t be caught off the docks.

How to Fish for Halibut

Halibut feed based on scent rather than sight.  This means that the larger the scent field you are able to create, the more halibut you will likely be able to attract. 

Here are a few simple tips to follow on your next halibut fishing trip:

  • Change your bait every 15-30 minutes.  This keeps a constantly active scent field in place.
  • Study maps, current charts, or hire a professional to help you find the halibut.  Because they are so far below the ocean’s surface, finding them is nearly half the battle.
  • Choose the best possible bait.  A combination of Kalin’s jigs and live bait will work wonders.
    • Octopus is a great choice for catching halibut
  • Don’t discount artificial lures.  Halibut will go for a variety of different artificial baits like Kalin’s scampi lure.
Fish on. Take a look at the best halibut fishing bait below or check out our expansive selection of fishing lures, trailers, jig heads and tackle by other fish species from the Uncle Josh Bait Company.

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