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2" MEAT LEECH 2 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock
SHINERS 3 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
GRASS SHRIMP - NATURAL Product Number: PB-GS $3.49 in_stock
WAX WORM Product Number: PB-WW $3.49 in_stock
MEAL WORM Product Number: PB-MW $3.49 in_stock

Uncle Josh Ice Fishing Tackle

Ice Fishing Baits and LuresAll of the best ice fishing equipment money can buy won’t help you catch anything without the right baits and lures.

Uncle Josh is here to help with our exclusive line of naturally-preserved worms and shrimp, shiners and, of course, Uncle Josh’s famous pork fat-based Meat Leech. Genuine mealworms, wax worms and grass shrimp are preserved to maintain their original color and consistency, while providing a lifelike water-scent to attract hungry fish.

The size and texture of these baits are ideal for ice fishing and closely resemble the typical winter diet of freshwater fish.

Wild shiner minnows are harvested and preserved to look and feel just like they did when they were caught. More importantly, they will smell just like the favorite food of bigger fish when you drop them below the ice level.

The Uncle Josh name is famous for pioneering Meat baits. Meat Leeches are the angler’s choice for ice fishing, as they replicate the water action of leeches and minnows favored by freshwater bluegills, perch and crappies in the winter. Meat baits come in several colors and are made with 100% pork fat. Every Meat Leech is pre-punched for your bait hook.

Your One-Stop Ice Fishing Outfitters Online

The Uncle Josh online ice fishing store carries everything you need to stock up for the winter season. We carry the full line of Beaver Dam Ice Fishing tip-ups, gear and accessories to make sure your time on the ice is spent catching more fish.

Shop online for dependable ice fishing equipment from Uncle Josh and make this year the most successful one yet.

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