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TITANIUM TIP STICK COMBO 3 Variants Starting at $49.99 in_stock
GLASS NOODLE COMBO 2 Variants Starting at $39.99 in_stock
GLASS NOODLE ROD 2 Variants Starting at $19.99 in_stock
CARBON FIBER ROD COMBO 2 Variants Starting at $49.99 in_stock
TITANIUM TIP STICK ROD 3 Variants Starting at $34.99 in_stock
BEAVER STATION Product Number: BD-BUCKET $49.99 in_stock
BEAVER GRIP Product Number: BD-BB $14.99 in_stock
TIP-UP LINE 6 Variants Starting at $3.99 in_stock
FLAG SPRING Product Number: BD-SPRING $5.00 in_stock

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Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Equipment for Demanding Anglers

Ice Fishing Rods, tip-ups, bait, lures and accessories online at great pricesUncle Josh delivers legendary Beaver Dam Ice Fishing tip-ups, rods, tackle and equipment perfectly suited to meeting the ever-increasing demand for high-quality ice fishing gear. If you want to catch your record fish, rely on equipment and products by Beaver Dam. We carry a full arsenal of ice fishing equipment to bring you your biggest catch yet.

Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

Our Beaver Dam Ice Fishing tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the demands of ice fishermen around the world. Each tip-up is constructed by hand from choice materials in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. These durable tip-ups are freeze-proof, wind-proof and fool-proof.

There are two styles of tip-ups, round and rail. The round tip-ups are new from Beaver Dam are more compact, but offer the same success rate as the rail-style.

Ice Fishing Rods

In addition to their famous tip-ups, Beaver Dam Ice Fishing also offers a selection of ice rods available in titanium, glass and carbon fiber. Each rod comes in a variety of lengths and has an optional reel and spool combo.

Order Ice Fishing Leaders and Lures Online from Uncle Josh

Beaver Dam ice fishing tip-ups are freeze proof, wind proof and fool proofWe offer Liquid Steel Ice leaders and Fluorocarbon leaders which are both virtually invisible under water. The line presentation will convince even the wariest fish to bite. Both the Liquid Steel and Fluorocarbon leaders are durable enough to take on strong, toothy fish.

The best ice fishing equipment available for purchase won’t do much without the right bait. Uncle Josh has a selection of shiners and naturally-preserved worms and shrimp perfect for ice fishing. Or try out our pork fat-based MEAT leech, designed to wriggle like the favorite winter food of freshwater fish.

Finally, stay comfortable on the ice with Beaver Dam tip-up carry bags and ice fishing knee pads. Forget about tangled lines and hooks with organization accessories for all of your ice fishing gear.

Shop Uncle Josh and Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Tackle below or shop all our fishing bait and lures.

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