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LITTLE STINKER CIRCLE HOOK BAIT RIG Product Number: LS CBR-3/0 $2.59 in_stock
TROUT RIG SINGLE HOOK-2PK 6 Variants $2.99 in_stock

Fishing bait kits provide a wide assortment of colors, ensuring you’re well prepared to match the hatch in any weather and water condition.  Uncle Josh carries the combination fishing bait kits making perfect additions to your tackle box.  Check out our crappie scrub kits, with specially designed kits for stained or clear water.  Our Bergie Worm Kit has a host of Bergie bodies and jig heads in an assortment of colors so you’ll be sure to find the perfect color combination for great success.  From bucktail fishing bait and tear drop lures to crappie scrubs, you’ll catch more fish when you bring our top quality fishing bait kits on your next freshwater adventure.

Take a look at our freshwater fishing products including this full line of combination fishing bait kits for freshwater fishing or check out the complete selection of fishing bait and lures for sale online at Uncle Josh.

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