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Pork Rind Bait for Ice Fishing

Pork rinds aren’t just for spring and summer fishing! Try using Uncle Josh’s Little Vee baits when ice fishing and get ready to reel in fish after fish. Many anglers have found small baits work better when ice fishing and our Little Vee pork is just the right size for attracting fish. Best of all, pork rinds are much hardier than other baits, letting you use them repeatedly without pausing to replace a worn lure. They even store well for use next year.

Small Pork Bait Mimics Small Frogs

The pork rind frog bait is a classic and comes in normal and jumbo sizes. For fishermen looking to imitate small frogs, the Little Vee is a perfect way to go. Featuring the same realistic movements and great salty smell as their larger cousins, Uncle Josh’s Little Vee is a small, irresistible pork bait. Try using it for small bluefish and big bluegills in all water conditions and land more fish than ever before.

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