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LARGE KAT LURE 3 Variants Starting at $2.49 in_stock
LARGE KAT LURE 2-PK 2 Variants Starting at $3.49 in_stock
L.S. SPRING BAIT HOOK / 3 PK Product Number: KL-SBH2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S. BAIT HOLDER/2PK Product Number: KL-BHX2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S.DOUGHBALL BAIT HOOKS/ 3 PK Product Number: KL-DBHX2 $2.79 in_stock
L.S. DIP BAIT WORM RIG RED 3PK Product Number: MRCW-3RED $2.79 in_stock
L.S. STICKY WORM LURE/2PK Product Number: KL-TBX2 $2.79 in_stock
LITTLE STINKER CIRCLE HOOK BAIT RIG Product Number: LS CBR-3/0 $2.59 in_stock

Little Stinker has the perfect catfish fishing lures to accompany your scented catfish bait. Squeeze tube catfish bait into a Little Stinker teardrop catfish lure or dip a Sticky Worm lure into a jar of scented dip bait for great success with giant cats.

Fish on. Buy Little Stinker catfish fishing lures today or check out our full line of Little Stinker catfish fishing bait at Uncle Josh.

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