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KALIN'S ULTIMATE JIG HEAD 13 Variants Starting at $4.19 in_stock
KALIN'S ULTIMATE SALTWATER BULLET JIG 11 Variants Starting at $4.19 in_stock
6", 8", 10" GRUBS 33 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock
KALIN'S ULTIMATE SWIM BAIT JIG 17 Variants Starting at $4.19 in_stock
KALIN'S ULTIMATE "S" JIG 21 Variants Starting at $4.09 in_stock
SIZMIC HOOK PACK (3 PAK) 3 Variants Starting at $3.99 in_stock
#50 BASS STRIP 3 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock
#70 STRIPER & MUSKIE STRIP 1 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
#340 RIPPLE RIND 2 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock

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Crafting the Best Baits for Muskie

Fish Muskie with Our BaitMuskie are among the largest freshwater fish and one of the most popular trophy fish. Anglers spend hours searching for a monster Muskie to mount on their wall. Catching a giant muskie requires understanding their eating habits and where they like to hang out. A muskie’s diet consists of any fish smaller than them. Suckers, shiners, bass, perch and minnows are common muskie dinners.  Muskie lurk around edges of weed beds where they can easily ambush their prey. The muskellunge is known as the fish of 10,000 casts, so patience is a virtue when hunting trophy muskie.

Shop Muskie Baits and Lures

While patience and luck are involved in muskie fishing, Uncle Josh provides the best muskie baits maximizing your chances of landing a monster fish. Try running Sizmic’s Magnum Toad along weed beds. The Magnum Toad is 8.5” long, performs fantastically in thick weeds and offers the great action required of the best muskie lures. Giant lures aren’t always necessary for catching giant muskie. Smaller baits for muskie like Uncle Josh’s Muskie Strip and other pork bait strips have been very successful at landing the monsters.

Fish on. Explore Uncle Josh’s great selection of the best baits for muskie below or peruse our vast inventory of fishing lures and baits for other fish types available online.

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