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Northern Pike Fishing Bait for SaleNorthern Pike are commonly found in freshwater throughout the United States and the entire northern hemisphere.  Northern Pike are carnivorous, preying on minnows, frogs and other fish.  Larger Northern mainly feast on Walleye, ambushing their prey in shallow, weedy or rocky areas.  Many anglers enjoy the wild fight put up by a freshly hooked Northern.

Shop Northern Lures and Bait

Northern Pike are natural born predators and will strike best at fishing bait mimicking live prey or wounded baitfish.  Uncle Josh’s Meat fishing bait is ideal in most conditions, providing ultra-lifelike scent, look, and action.  Try our Original Pork Frog or Meat Minnow natural pork bait with your favorite jig head for great success landing monster Northern.  Try a Kalin’s Jig with a worm, such as our Meat Crawler, or an Uncle Josh Bucktail Jig in shallow water along six to ten foot drop offs.  Jig your rig in large two to three foot hops, the Northern will strike as your bait drops.  When landing in a Northern, practice caution pulling the fish into the boat and use pliers to remove the hook.  Northern Pike have large, sharp teeth and, while they love Uncle Josh fishing bait, they will also bite hands and fingers getting too close.

Catching Northern Pike on Tip-Ups

Ice fishing is a great time to catch your record Northern Pike. Uncle Josh carries Beaver Dam tip-ups to increase your odds of catching one. We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Fish on.  Take a look through our selection of the best Northern Pike lures and bait, or check out our full inventory of the best fishing bait, lures, jig heads and tackle for other species for sale online.

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