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#70 STRIPER SEA STRIP 4 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
70B-S STRIPER SEA STRIP W/BUNKER SCENT 1 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
FORK TAIL SEA STRIP 1 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
145 AND 147 ORIGINAL PORKER Product Number: PORKER Starting at $5.60 in_stock
#50 BASS STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock
#150 SPINNING STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock
#240 STRIPER SPLIT TAIL Product Number: 240 Starting at $4.99 in_stock
#340 RIPPLE RIND 1 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock
#260 SPLIT TAIL EEL 2 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
#50-S JUNIOR SEA STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
#100-S TUBE N WORM STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $7.99 in_stock

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Natural Movement and Salty Taste Makes Pork Bait the Superior Choice

Pork bait offers many distinct advantages over the common soft plastic options. Uncle Josh pork strips have incredibly lifelike action fish can’t resist. Your artificial pork bait will trick fish into thinking it’s the real deal. The salty brine bath it’s cured in makes pork rind baits a tasty snack very few fish can resist. Unlike fragile plastic lures, pork rinds are tough and long lasting. Stored properly, you can expect a single bait to last for years, catching monster bass.

Pork Strips Target Many Fish

Pork strips and eels work great as trailers for bucktails, fishing jigs, spoons or spinnerbaits. Target salmon, trout, bass and even saltwater fish. Whatever and wherever you’re fishing, the delicious saltiness and realistic movement of pork makes it a fishing bait with unmatched success catching monster fish. Fly fishers will love tying a piece of our #60 fly strip on their nymphs for fast action and big catches. Choose from our pork strip fishing bait varieties and start landing all sorts of fish from bass, muskie and northern pike to stripers and bluefish.

Fish on. Buy a striper strip, bass strip or any other Uncle Josh pork strip fishing trailers and start catching more fish today, or check out the entire line of superior Uncle Josh fishing baits for sale.

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