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Big Pork Bait for Big Bass

Massive fish want massive food and the Uncle Josh Porker is exactly what they’re looking for. Available in two sizes and several color combinations, our Porkers are made from real pork rind soaked in brine. Unlike soft plastic bait, pork has an amazingly lifelike motion as it moves through the water. The brine it’s soaked and stored in adds a scent fish are powerless to resist. Combine the two in a large, 7 ½” strip and you’ve got a pork bait sure to attract the biggest bass you’ve ever seen.

Catching Lunkers with Porkers

The best way to use a Porker is in combination with a weedless hook, either with or without a split shot. Then, cast near the edge of weed cover and use it like any other jerkbait. When a bass grabs the bait, wait a second before setting the hook. Bass will normally hold a pork rind bait longer than other artificial lures. After a day of landing lunkers like never before, remember to take the porker off the hook and store it in the brine it came in. Properly stored, one porker will last for years of big bass catching action.

Fish on. Buy an Uncle Josh Porker today or peruse the full assortment of accessories and fishing bait for sale online.

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