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SHINERS 3 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
GRASS SHRIMP - NATURAL Product Number: PB-GS $3.49 in_stock
WAX WORM Product Number: PB-WW $3.49 in_stock
MEAL WORM Product Number: PB-MW $3.49 in_stock

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Fish don’t normally consider little yellow glowing worms or little green rubber fish part of their natural diet. Fish eat real worms and real fish. So while Uncle Josh might have an arsenal jigs and lures, we always keeps a stash of preserved natural bait close by for even the pickiest of fish.

Freshwater and saltwater fish alike love the taste and smell of our preserved fresh bait.

Preserved natural baits like meal worms and shiner minnows available at Uncle Josh perfectly maintain their lifelike look and smell. These natural baits are great for freshwater, saltwater and even ice fishing.

Grass shrimp are ideal for freshwater fish like bass, crappie, perch, or walleye looking for a tasty snack. Preserved wax worms are perfect for pan fishing on the lake, whether you’re after a meal or after some fun. All natural meal worms are a favorite snack of big trout, but their thick skin will keep them on the hook longer. Uncle Josh even has packs of delicious little minnows, practically guaranteed to make freshwater and saltwater fish drool.

Next time you head out on the water bring a pack of preserved all natural bait. Throw one on the hook and tempt a monster fish with a real meal.

Fish on. Buy Uncle Josh natural preserved natural baits today or check out our complete inventory of fishing lures, fish baits and fishing accessories available online.

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