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Catch Redfish with Uncle Josh Bait and LuresRedfish, also known as red drum, are found up and down the Atlantic coastline and into the Gulf of Mexico. Redfish spend most of their time in shallow waters and are commonly found near oyster bars. Redfish migrate away from shore in the winter to spawn and are found in channels and around reefs. You should also look for redfish in rocky outcroppings or manmade structures such as residential docks near shore. Redfish forage around the sandy bottom utilizing their sense of smell to find crabs, shrimp, mullet, minnows, sand dollars or any of their other favorite foods.

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The secret to catching giant redfish is knowing where to look and having the right redfish bait in your tackle box. You’ll be catching redfish left and right when you’re using the revolutionary Bombshell Crab lure. The Bombshell Crab is an ultra lifelike crab imitation redfish lure instigating strike after strike. Try using this crab lure for redfish with a jig head. Allow the Bombshell Crab lure to rest on the bottom in a natural, defensive stance highly effective in producing maximum strikes. Floating plugs like The Atom Forty Swimmer and the Atomizer fish lure make valuable additions to your redfish fishing bait arsenal.

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