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Sizmic Grub

Thanks to a plump body and an even fatter swim tail, Kalin’s Sizmic Grub is a force to be reckoned with. Uncle Josh offers a variety of Sizmic Grubs in different colors and sizes. Whether you’re looking to swim this grub by itself, on a bladed swim jig, a buzz bait, A-rig, or simple swim jig, the Sizmic Grub is sure to make waves.

The Sizmic Grub’s fat swim tail makes it rock back and forth for the entire retrieve, giving the illusion of a plump bait fish. Perfect for trailers or other jigs, the Grub’s tantalizing tail action will have fish rushing in from all over the water. Kalin grubs are some of the best on the market, sure to draw in fish and make a commotion in the water.

For most fish, nothing is quite as appetizing as a bait fish swimming through the water. So the next time a bass sees a nice plump, juicy bait fish swimming past him he won’t know what happened until it’s too late. Available in different sizes and colors, Uncle Josh has Sizmic Grubs for every angler.

Fish on. Shop Kalin’s new Sizmic Grub varieties here for a lure with proven performance or search our complete collection of Kalin’s diverse lures.

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