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Sizmic Shad

Uncle Josh is proud to offer a wide selection of Kalin’s bait, including the all new Sizmic Shad. Over the past three years, Kalin’s has designed and refined the Sizmic Shad into one of the best swim baits on the market. With tantalizing tail action and a life-like head, the Sizmic Shad is practically irresistible to bass and other freshwater fish.

The Sizmic Shad’s unique tail design causes it to rock from side to side and “swim” for the entire retrieve. A ribbed body creates a vibration in the water and a 3D head gives the Shad a life-like look. Fish won’t think twice as they swim after what looks like a delicious fat bait fish. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, Uncle Josh carries Sizmic Shad for virtually every fish in the water.

Fishing with a Sizmic Shad is just like fishing with live bait; it’s cheaper too since you don’t need to replace bait as often! If you ask a fish, it couldn’t tell you the difference between the two. 

Fish on. Shop Kalin’s Sizmic Shad varieties for a proven lure sure to draw a multitude of fish or shop our complete selection of Kalin lures. 

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