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SIZMIC WAC-O-WORM 14 Variants Starting at $5.49 in_stock

Sizmic Wac-O-Worm

Can you even call yourself a fisherman if you don’t have some worms in your tacklebox? Uncle Josh gladly offers Kalin’s Sizmic Wac-O-Worm in a variety of sizes and colors. Plump, juicy, and colorful, Wac-O-Worms are an essential tool for any angler.

Any angler worth their salt will be able to reel in monster bass with these salt dipped Wac-O-Worms from Kalin. A healthy dose of salt helps the worms sink, and gives bass a tasty treat. With a slow quiver on the fall, Kalin’s Sizmic Wac-O-Worm is a freshwater favorite, and a staple of anglers across the globe. Whether you rig a Wac-O-Worm by itself, with a shakey head, a Carolina-rig, or a ball head jig, you’re sure to draw the attention of nearby bass.

Get an edge with Kalin’s Sizmic Wac-O-Worms. Available in different sizes and colors, your Uncle Josh has a Wac-O-Worm for every angler. They call it fishing, not catching, but Wac-O-Worms just might change that.

New 5" and 4" Kalin's Sizmic Wac-O-Worm.

Fish on. Find a variety of Kalin’s delicious Wac-O-Worms, perfect for almost any jig or view our collection of Kalin lures.

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