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Fish can’t resist the lifelike action of our saltwater fishing lures. With the Uncle Josh name on the line, the odds are in your favor. Our saltwater fishing bait simply works. From stripers, tuna and flounders to redfish and bluefish, you’ll simply catch more fish. We offer an extensive selection of fishing tackle from saltwater fishing lures to lead heads and other terminal tackle.

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Spring Saltwater Fishing

Spring is an ideal time to fish for red drum, flounder, and striped bass. Red drum and flounder can be found feeding near the bottom of the water source. Striped bass move to backwaters when the weather starts warming up, because the backwaters will be slightly warmer than the ocean temperatures sooner.

There are many other factors affecting where fish will be this spring. Wind, storms, clouds and rain can significantly impact your fishing trip. You’ll have better luck catching fish when the weather is overcast or lightly raining. The worst times for fishing are during heavy rains and right after a storm or cold front. When it’s windy, you can still catch plenty of fish, but you have to know where to go. Cast your lures with the wind if you’re fishing on a shore sheltered from the wind.

Summer Saltwater Fishing

Before you head off shore this summer, it pays to know what to use and where. Saltwater fishing in the summer poses some unique changes in fish.

Find cool water. Redfish can be found just about anywhere, but prefer cooler waters near grasses, or rocks. Be on the lookout for structure (rocks, a sunken boat, etc) hiding just beneath the surface, redfish treat these spots like their summer homes. Striped bass become a bit more challenging in the summer. As the water heats up, they become active almost exclusively at night. Bigger stripers prefer cool waters near drop offs or deep pools, but can be found near inlets with readily flowing water. Some of the best times to get stripers are during a new moon at dusk or dawn. Stripers prefer to eat shad, but are easily tempted by a diamond jig or any other bright jig. If you’re looking for bluefish, find a backflow, breaker, channel entrance or just about any other merging water in the month of July and cast in a line. Bluefish are aggressive and will hit just about anything in the water.

Having the right bait is important, but it’s useless if you don’t know where to cast it. Have fun this summer!

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