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BELLY STRIP 8 Variants Starting at $7.99 in_stock
9" MEAT EEL Product Number: 9EEL AM EEL Starting at $7.99 in_stock
#50-S JUNIOR SEA STRIP 1 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock

Uncle Josh carries the pork rind fishing bait saltwater fish can’t resist.  The lifelike smell, taste and action produced by our natural pork rind bait delivers unrivaled results with stripers, bluefish, tuna, flounder and many more saltwater fish species.  Our wide selection of natural pork bait from shrimp and eel to Meat belly strips guarantees you’ll match the hatch for any saltwater fish you desire.  The unmatched durability of our natural pork bait means you’ll catch multiple fish with one bait.  Whether you’re on the hunt for fluke or looking for the best pork bait for striper, you’re guaranteed to catch more fish when you pack pork rind fishing bait from Uncle Josh for your next saltwater fishing trip.

Look through our pork rind bait for saltwater fishing or have a look at the entire variety of fishing bait and tackle for sale online at Uncle Josh.

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