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Speckled Trout Bait

Fish Speckled Trout with Uncle Josh Bait and TackleSpeckled trout, commonly called spotted seatrout, are found primarily in the southern portion of the United States along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  They migrate to inshore waters for protection and warmth, and can be found in most coastal inland waters.  Adult speckled trout reach 19-25 inches long and 1-5 pounds in weight on average.  Very popular with recreational anglers, a day on the water in pursuit of speckled trout is a day well spent. 

Speckled trout enjoy feasting on a diet of shrimp and crustaceans, with a particular taste for shrimp.  Uncle Josh carries a line of shrimp baits designed to tantalize and keep the speckled trout biting all day long.  Our meat shrimp trout bait simulates the size, shape, and color of every speckled trout’s favorite meal.  Made from 100% natural pork these lures have great action and a natural scent fish find irresistible.  Uncle Josh also carries miniature whole grass shrimp trout bait preserved to maintain their natural scent and appearance.  Next time you cast your line towards a shallow, grassy flat in pursuit of monster speckled trout make sure you have the right fishing bait.  Meat shrimp and grass shrimp trout bait from Uncle Josh will keep the speckled trout biting and the good times rolling!

Fishing Tips/Tricks

Speckled trout is often considered a delicacy in terms of the dinner table.  This fish is known for its dark spots, two prominent teeth, and its migration habits throughout the ocean.  They are predatory fish that will consume almost anything smaller than them.  Tiny marine animals like crustaceans, shrimp, minnows and pin fish constitutes its daily diet depending on its size.

Where to Find Speckled Trout

In terms of geography, speckled trout are found along the Southern coast of the United States, stretching all the way to the Carolinas.  However, the depth of water they can be found in varies greatly.  Their internal body temperature and metabolism is dependent on their external environments.  Therefore, they alternate between deep and shallow water depending on the current season.  They tend to prefer hunting in grassy flats, oyster beds, and the mouths of tidal creeks, as these are hotspots for smaller marine animals.

How to Fish for Speckled Trout

For starters, the metabolism of the speckled trout is much more active during the summer months.  This makes the warm weather season a much better choice when fishing for speckled trout. 

Patience is the key, as finding the perfect spot is the most important part of fishing for speckled trout.  It is not uncommon to go an entire day without a single bite, and the next thing you know you are reeling in a monster trout every cast.  Grubs are usually considered the go-to bait when fishing for speckled trout, but keep in mind that they will bite about anything it thinks it can make a meal out of. Try out Uncle Josh grass shrimp for successful speckled trout fishing.

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