Shop Lead Heads and Terminal Tackle for Saltwater Fishing

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CHAIN KEEL SINKER 9 Variants Starting at $3.89 in_stock
CHAIN CAST/TROLLING SINKERS 22 Variants Starting at $4.09 in_stock

The best way to prepare for your next saltwater fishing trip is with terminal tackle and lead head jigs from Uncle Josh.  A wide array of fishing tackle is essential for fishing in a number of water and weather conditions.  Having multiple sinker weights is vital when you are targeting different fish at different depths.   Our swivels, sinkers, trolling weights and Bead chain leaders are the perfect accessories to complete your saltwater fishing rig.  Uncle Josh’s lead head jigs are available in a number of weights and colors to guarantee you have the right tool for the fish you’re targeting, regardless of the other conditions.  Use Uncle Josh’s lead head jigs with a trailer or grub for great success with saltwater fish. 

Take a look at our lead head jigs and terminal tackle for saltwater fishing or peruse the entire assortment of fishing baits and lures for sale online from the Uncle Josh Bait Company.

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