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SIZMIC WAR HEAD WEIGHT 5 Variants Starting at $3.99 in_stock
SIZMIC HOOK PACK (3 PAK) 1 Variants Starting at $3.99 in_stock

Kalin’s terminal tackle is known throughout the fishing community as high quality terminal tackle. From the Mag Toad with screw locks to the Sizmic war head weight, reel in the big fish with these sturdy and reliable hooks and sinkers. They’re guaranteed to keep fish on the line longer.

The Sizmic war head weights are great for catching bigger bass. Since they tend to hide under weeds, water lilies and other vegetation, this war head weight is able to punch through the weedy surface to reach the big bass down below. It attaches to the bottom of your lure and effortlessly slides through the water. They’re available in a variety of weights ranging from 1 ½ ounces to 3/8 oz.

Kalin’s tackle is good for fresh water and salt water fishing. There are three different types of Sizmic hooks:

  • The Three Pack Sizmic Toad Hook
  • 2 Pack 9/0 Black Nickel Hook
  • 2 Pack Mag Toad HK With Screw Locks

Each of these hooks is designed to be durable and long lasting, keeping fish hooked. They’re available in either red or black. These hooks are designed for use with the fish-enticing Sizmic toad lure, however they can be used with any large, soft plastic bait. Start reeling in the big bass today!

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