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KALIN'S 1 3/4" TRIPLE THREAT CRAPPIE SCRUB 24 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
ORANGE SHRIMP GLITTER 7 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
NATURA NUGGETS 6 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
TROUT RIG SINGLE HOOK-2PK 6 Variants $2.99 in_stock
SHINERS 3 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
KALIN'S ROUNDHEAD JIG 75 Variants Starting at $3.29 in_stock

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Crafting the Best Bait for Trout

Catch Trout with Uncle Josh BaitTrout are predominantly found in freshwater lakes and rivers. Rainbow trout and a few other salmonids spend a couple years at sea then return to freshwater for spawning. Trout feed on smaller fish species, insects, shrimp and even small mammals. Find trout hanging out in shallow, cool waters with plenty of vegetation. Be careful not to make too many disturbances in the water as the trout will most likely notice you and leave the scene. Large bait for trout is not necessary and can even turn trout away. Smaller trout baits are most effective as these fish are known to be finicky. Warm weather is the best time for trout fishing. Your trout fishing efforts will be most successful during their primary spawning season in fall and early spring.

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Fishing for trout can be a tricky task; some consider trout to be among the smartest fish. Fortunately, Uncle Josh’s expert anglers have years of experience with monster trout. Try Uncle Josh’s Floating Trout Bait Nuggets on a Natura Ready-To-Go Trout Rig for a great set up with proven success landing giant trout. Trout are attracted to a variety of different colors depending on weather, water and season. We offer tubes in a wide assortment of colors ensuring your tackle box will have the trout bait to be a successful angler.

Fish on. Browse our wide variety of fishing bait below for the best trout bait and lures or take a look at our entire fishing bait and lure selection for other types of fishing tackle.

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