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ORANGE SHRIMP GLITTER 7 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
NATURA NUGGETS 6 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
TROUT RIG SINGLE HOOK-2PK 6 Variants $2.99 in_stock

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Uncle Josh has the secret for catching stocked trout: the food they ate in the hatchery. Ok, so it’s not much of a secret, but the trout don’t know that.

Uncle Josh’s Natura Nuggets and Natura Shrimp Glitter trout baits are irresistible scented baits that will help you catch even more fish. Fill your hook with our trout bait in either paste or nugget form, or grab a ready to go trout rig for quick and easy set up.

Our trout bait is made of the same stuff they eat in the hatchery. A mature rainbow won’t know the difference between your lure and the tasty food he grew up with. Natura tout baits are sure to get results on stocked trout.

If you want to have fun on a fly rod, Uncle Josh has you covered. We carry orange shrimp glitter, made from the same material as hatchery pellets. Coat some of this on a dry fly like a Parachute Adams or a hopper and you’ll have a deadly combination at the end of your line. Don’t worry, our special formula is designed to keep the glitter on your fly for longer so you can keep on fishing.

Powerbait is a surefire way to land stocked trout. What could be more enticing than the one thing they’ve eaten their whole life? Whether you want to drift some pellets down in front of a pool, or shadow cast a glittery wooly bugger into some white water, rainbows will have a hard time saying no.

Fish on. Buy Uncle Josh’s Natura trout baits today or take a gander at the entire selection of fishing lures, fishing bait and other fishing accessories for sale online at Uncle Josh.

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