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Crafting the Best Baits for Tuna

Tuna Bait for Sale at Uncle JoshTuna are largely commercially fished saltwater fish.

Bluefin and Yellowfin are the two main tuna categories, each with distinct characteristics. Bluefin tuna grow the largest; the Atlantic bluefin tuna grows as large as 1,510 pounds. All tuna are incredibly fast swimmers, yellowfin tuna are capable of swimming up to 47 mph. A tuna’s diet consists mainly of small crustaceans and surface fish. Trolling is the most common method of fishing for tuna.

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Casting for tuna can be highly successful when you’re using the right jigs. Bead’s Original Bridgeport Diamond Jig is a premier product among saltwater fishing lures. You’ll be sure to hook gigantic tuna more often with the reputable Bridgeport Diamond Jig on your rig while you’re chumming and trolling. To be most effective, cast your tuna jig far from your boat, let it drop for about 15 seconds and begin a fast retrieve.

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