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ACME HOODED SWEATSHIRT 4 Variants Starting at $49.99 in_stock
UNCLE JOSH/KALIN SWEATSHIRT 2 Variants Starting at $34.99 in_stock
#70 STRIPER SEA STRIP 4 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
70B-S STRIPER SEA STRIP W/BUNKER SCENT 1 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
FORK TAIL SEA STRIP 1 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
36 PHANTOM FINESSE CRAW 3 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
145 AND 147 ORIGINAL PORKER Product Number: PORKER Starting at $5.60 in_stock
#240 STRIPER SPLIT TAIL Product Number: 240 Starting at $4.99 in_stock
#50-S JUNIOR SEA STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
#100-S TUBE N WORM STRIP 2 Variants Starting at $7.99 in_stock
SPRING PUP 2 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock

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Original Pork Bait: Catching Prize Fish Since 1921

Uncle Josh first invented pork bait way back in 1921 during a frog shortage. The pork rinds landed bass like no other back then and continue to bring home the bacon (er, fish) today. Since the original white frog pork bait was created, we’ve developed new and better baits for more action in more environments. Our #11 Pork Frog now comes in a variety of colors, letting you pick the right one for your local pond or stream. Our gigantic Porkers are perfect for reeling in huge bass and the tiny Little Vees are superb ice fishing lures. Check out all of our pork rind baits and get ready for fishing action like you’ve never experienced before.

Storing Your Pork Bait

Highly prized among anglers for its saltiness and lifelike motion, pork is unique among fish baits. It is super hardy and can be reused multiple times before needing to be replaced, however you must store it properly. Always store your pork bait in the brine-filled jar it came in, to make sure it does not dry out or lose its salty scent. Many anglers, giddy over the number of fish they’ve caught, have forgotten their pork frogs on the hook when packing away their gear. The pork rind will dry out, requiring a new lure. Properly stored, Uncle Josh pork bait will last for years before needing replacement.

Each and every employee at Uncle Josh loves fishing. It’s no big surprise fish love Uncle Josh natural fishing lures and baits. Whether you’re fishing rivers and lakes or deep sea fishing, we have the natural pork fishing lures, rinds, bucktail jigs and natural trout and carp baits fish love. Our expert anglers know a successful tackle box requires a wide selection of baits and lures to choose from. Utilize our Original Pork Frog, perfect for northern pike and bass, or try out the Striper Split Tail Trailer designed for saltwater stripers but also great for fluke, cod, weakfish and others. For panfish, trout, salmon and pompano, throw on our Fly Flicks, the smallest pork rind bait made. Uncle Josh offers an enormous assortment of pork frogs, pork craws, and strips so you’ll have the variety necessary for catching big fish, whatever the species.

Fish on. Take a gander at our enormous Uncle Josh fishing lure and bait selection and find the fishing baits to slay bigger fish, more often. Check out our entire fishing bait and lures inventory for even more fishing jigs, plugs, bass baits, and spinner baits from the top brands of fishing bait and tackle.

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