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WAC-O FINESSE JIG 6 Variants Starting at $4.99 in_stock
4" AND 5" JERK MINNOW 12 Variants Starting at $5.49 in_stock
3", 4", 5" LUNKER GRUBS 72 Variants Starting at $3.89 in_stock
KALIN'S 2" TRIPLE THREAT GRUB 66 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
KALIN'S 1 3/4" TRIPLE THREAT CRAPPIE SCRUB 24 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
3" PORK MEAT MINNOW -8PK 2 Variants Starting at $8.99 in_stock
SHINERS 3 Variants Starting at $6.49 in_stock
KALIN'S FLOATING JIGS 16 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
KALIN'S ROUNDHEAD JIG 75 Variants Starting at $3.29 in_stock

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Crafting the Best Baits for Walleye

Walleye Bait for Sale OnlineWalleye are extremely popular game fish found in the freshwater rivers and lakes of North America. Walleye are predatory fish that are generally found near the top of their ecosystem’s food chain. Fishing lures imitating small fish are most effective in catching monster walleye. 

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Jigs are the most popular fishing lure for walleyes.  Lead head jigs provide the perfect fall imitating a wounded baitfish, making them a great walleye fishing bait. Kalin’s provides a wide range of lead heads with a variety of weights, styles and colors. The Kalin’s Weedless Darter Jig is great for getting up close to weed beds where walleye commonly ambush prey. Try combining lifelike grubs like Kalin’s Triple Threat Grubs with a jig head to imitate the dying fish walleye thrive on. Walleye have great eyesight in the dark and are more active in the evening. Try using brightly colored lures after the sun goes down for great effectiveness with walleye.

Uncle Josh is your number one source for walleye baits and lures. Our expert anglers know what it takes to create great walleye lures. Check out our fishing success stories for some proven methods of catching the big ones.

Lures and Bait for Spring Walleye Fishing

Early spring can be tricky for walleye fishing, but with the right gear and know-how, you can land a monster walleye. In early spring when the water is still on the cooler side, walleyes are just beginning to look for spawning spots. They start moving upstream or near tributaries in lakes. Before spawning, walleye will eat the most, making this an optimal time to go fishing.

In early spring, the water is usually muddier, making it harder for the fish to see the bait. Brighter colors like orange are great when the water is muddy, and more natural colors like brown, blue and black are better when the water is clearer.

A combination of Kalin’s soft fishing bait and jigs are effective for walleye fishing in the spring.

Fish on. Check out our selection of walleye fishing jigs below to find the best bait for walleye, or check out our entire selection of fishing bait and lures for other fish species available at Uncle Josh.

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