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Keep Tip Ups and Rods Organized
No More Tangles or Problems on the Ice
Fort Atkinson, WI: Makers of the famous Beaver Dam tip up have just
designed the Beaver Grip, a tip up and rod holder to help keep your ice
fishing days more tangle-free and organized.
The Beaver Grip is a bracket that mounts to the side of a bucket, in a
fish house, or garage that keeps your tip ups or rods safe and secure
thanks to its ingenious design- NO MORE busted rod tips or tangled
“We wanted a design that doesn’t have to just be mounted on a
bucket,” said Matt Bichanich, national sales manager for Uncle Josh.
“The Beaver Grip can be mounted nearly anywhere from the guy in
Minnesota who have permanent ice houses to the mobile angler who
wants them on their bucket. They even can be mounted in your
garage for seasonal storage.”
The Beaver Grip comes in packs of three for just $14.99 and is the
perfect gift for any ice angler and works for most other non-round tip
ups on the market. Each Grip comes with two rubber straps to keep
your tip ups or rods secure even on bumpy ATV or snowmobile rides on
the ice.