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SHINERS Features

Wild preserved minnows retain their lifelike appearance. Fish won’t know these shiners aren’t live, ‘till they’re mounted on your wall! Order preserved shiners form Hard and Soft Fishing to step up your fishing game and catch bigger bass. These shiners are really great for ice fishing! 

Why buy artificial bait made to look real, and made from who knows what, when Hard and Soft Fishing offers you perfectly preserved Shiners which keep their life like appearance and smell. It’s the perfect fishing bait for any true angler out there.

Out fish all of your friends (competition) any day of the year and in any type of water. Shiners are even a perfect ice fishing bait!

Fish on. Explore Uncle Josh’s fishing baits and lures and our great selection of bass bait and walleye baits.

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3"-3 1/2" AVG - Appx. 13 Baits PB-S3 in_stock $6.49 New
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2"- 3" AVG - Appx. 42 Baits PB-S2 in_stock $6.49 New
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1 1/2"-2" AVG - Appx. 50 Baits PB-S1 in_stock $6.49 New

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