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Choosing The Best Fishing Lure And Other Commonly Asked Questions

There are lots of reasons why Uncle Josh provides the best fishing bait for YOUR seasonal weather conditions, water types and target fish. We supply an incredible variety of fishing lures for streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. There is no other fish bait company with our rich history of designing unique and effective fishing bait. Whether we’re designing the best bait for bass, trout, muskie or pike, our focus is to create bait with the look, smell and movement patterns of naturally enticing prey. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to learn more about proper lure selection and how Uncle Josh provides unmatched value in the world of fishing bait.

Fish on. Get more answers about choosing the best fishing bait below.

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Q: Where Can I Find an Arctic Fisherman Tip Up?
A: Artic Fisherman tip ups are now known as Beaver Dam ice fishing tip ups.  You'll now find the same, superior quality tip ups under their new name, Beaver Dam, online at Uncle Josh fishing bait company.   Check out our line of Beaver Dam ice fishing tip ups and our entire inventory of ice fishing gear from the tip up manufacturer formerly known as Arctic Fisherman.
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Q: I love fishing for trout, but struggle with getting a trout rig set up. What can I do?
A: Save time and effort by using Uncle Josh’s Natura Ready-To-Go Trout Rigs. These conveniently set up trout rigs feature the perfect hook and line specifications for trout fishing and require a fraction of the set-up time. Just tie the rig to your mainline, hook on a Natura Trout Nugget and clear room in livewell.  
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Q: What is the proper way to catch and release a muskie?
A: Using a Sizmic Magnum Toad along weed beds and other popular muskie habitats is a great method for landing giant muskie. It’s important to know how to properly handle a muskie once you’ve landed it into the net. Always have necessary tools nearby and ready to use. Keep the muskie in your net while you remove the hook or cut the line minimizing its time out of the water. Grab the muskie underneath the jaw and never by its eye sockets or gills. Always give your muskie extra support underneath the belly during photo sessions. When releasing the muskie, move it back and forth in the water until it takes off.
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Q: Who makes the best Striper bait?
A: Atom fishing lures have been the premier name in striper lures for years. The Striper Swiper is notorious for slaying stripers. The Swingin’ Swiper features a single hook rather than two treble hooks, giving the catch and release fishermen a perfect striper lure. Fill your tackle box with a variety of Atom fishing lures for proven success landing monster stripers.
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Q: What is the most effective bait for redfish fishing?
A: The key to choosing the best redfish bait is to match the hatch. Know what redfish prey occupies the water you’re fishing and choose your bait effectively. Mud flats filled with crabs call for the Bombshell Crab redfish lure. In some situations an imitation shad would be the ideal redfish bait. Experiment with a few lures and find what’s most effective.  
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Q: How do I find large groups of bluefish?
A: Bluefish group together to attack large schools of forage fish. Find large bluefish feeding frenzies by identifying large areas of churning water. Pitch a surface plug like the Atom Striper Swiper towards the feeding frenzy’s outer edge where the largest bluefish congregate.
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Q: What is the best tuna bait?
A: Bead’s Original Bridgeport Diamond Jig is the most acclaimed saltwater fishing jig. Combine the Diamond Jig with an Uncle Josh’s Saltwater Meat trailer for a tuna lure with unmatched success.
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Q: How do I catch more halibut?
A: Halibut use sight, smell and taste to find their food. Chum the water with salmon heads or other cut bait to induce high halibut activity. Rig a Kalin’s 10” Big’N Grub on a jig to land more fish.
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Q: When is the best time for walleye fishing?
A: Walleye have great night vision and are most active as the sun goes down. Try a brightly colored jig once the sun is fully set for optimal effectiveness.
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Q: What’s the best bait for catfish fishing?
A: Catfish utilize an excellent sense of smell to find their food. Combine a Little Stinker Teardrop Lure with a tube of Little Stinker Chicken Liver bait for a scent/bait combination with great proven success landing giant cats.
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Q: What is the best carp bait flavor?
A: The secret to choosing the best carp bait flavor is variety. A flavor loses its effectiveness when it’s over used in any body of water. Keep a few different flavors of Uncle Josh’s unrivaled carp bait like vanilla, strawberry, grape and honey for a successful assortment landing monster carp. Try one flavor out and adapt until you find the right scent.
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Q: What time of year can I fish for crappie?
A: With the right bait, crappie fishing is great year round. Use Kalin’s highly popular 2” Triple Threat Shad crappie lure for proven success in the crappie’s spring spawning season.
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