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Choosing The Best Fishing Lure And Other Commonly Asked Questions

There are lots of reasons why Uncle Josh provides the best fishing bait for YOUR seasonal weather conditions, water types and target fish. We supply an incredible variety of fishing lures for streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. There is no other fish bait company with our rich history of designing unique and effective fishing bait. Whether we’re designing the best bait for bass, trout, muskie or pike, our focus is to create bait with the look, smell and movement patterns of naturally enticing prey. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to learn more about proper lure selection and how Uncle Josh provides unmatched value in the world of fishing bait.

Fish on. Get more answers about choosing the best fishing bait below.

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Q: How do I catch bass in cold water?
A: Bass are actually extremely active in the fall and winter. Catching coldwater bass can be a challenge when you’re not using the right bass fishing bait. Jeff Tipple, an accomplished bass fishing guide, praises the jig-n-pig as the number one coldwater bass bait. Tipple recommends a ¼ ounce jig and a number 11 Uncle Josh pork frog for unmatched success with coldwater bass. The smaller bass jig-n-pig provides the slower fall bass are more likely to hit when water temperatures drop.
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Q: What’s the best way to attach a grub to a jig head?
A: Rig the jig with the tail running down along the long straight portion of the hook. Thread the hook through the center of the bait and push the grub up over the barbs. Pinch the bait and push the hook out through the bait near the tail. Keep the hook pointed away from the tail to keep them from getting stuck together.
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Q: What is the best bass fishing bait for night time fishing?
A: Try using a black ½ oz Uncle Josh Pork Jig and a black pork trailer. Bounce the rig off the bottom for maximum effectiveness.
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Q: What are the best color pork baits to use when it’s sunny?
A: Water conditions affect what color fishing baits will be most effective. For sunny days in clear water, we recommend watermelon seed, green pumpkin, brown, white or orange Uncle Josh pork baits. When the water is dirty or murky, we recommend colors like black, blue, chartreuse, brown and red.
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Q: What Uncle Josh pork bait colors are most effective on cloudy days?
A: The condition of the water will help determine the most effective pork bait colors to use on cloudy days. For clear waters green pumpkin, blue, pumpkin, black and moss green are recommended. We recommend glitter, chartreuse, black, blue and Texas red when the water is dirty on a cloudy day.
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Q: What makes Uncle Josh’s Meat so great?
A: Uncle Josh’s Meat is the closest thing you can get to live bait. It’s made from ACTUAL pork fat giving it a lifelike look, taste, smell and texture. Our Meat is soaked in natural oils and impregnated with live-bait scent adding even more authenticity. Fish love our meat because they think it’s the real thing.
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Q: What is the best bass lure?
A: Variety in your tackle box is essential for effective bass fishing. What might work in this certain bay today may not work tomorrow when the conditions have changed. Our number one go to bass bait, however, is the Uncle Josh Pork Frog. The Pork Frog has the look, smell, taste and swimming pattern of the real thing, making it one of the best bass baits.
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Q: How long will it take to ship my Uncle Josh fishing bait?
A: Once you order fishing bait from Uncle Josh, it leaves our warehouse within 24 hours.
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Q: What’s the best way to get Uncle Josh’s Pork Bait on and off the rig?
A: When putting the pork on the hook, look for the pre-cut slit in the bait, insert the hook and slide the pork bait over the barb ensuring it’s securely attached. When removing your pork, turn the bait sideways so the barb and slit are facing the same direction, push the hook to one side and slowly work the barb down and out. Check out our video for a better look at removing Uncle Josh’s Pork Bait.  
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Q: How can I re-lubricate my Beaver Dam tip up?
A: Uncle Josh now carries the grease to re lube your Beaver Dam tip up. You may still send it in and we will redo any part of the Beaver Dam tip up. First, remove the nut at the bottom of the spool with a quarter inch socket. Slide the spool off and set it aside. A pair of needle nose pliers will remove the next nut after the spool. Next, pull the shaft out of the tube and use your tube of grease to fill from the bottom. Cover the open tip of the shaft as you reinsert it into the tube. Reattach the nuts and use your quarter inch socket to tighten the last nut.
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