Fishing Bait and Lures Videos

Fishing Tips and Tricks for Bait and Lures

Uncle Josh is the ultimate resource for finding the best fishing bait and lures to help you catch more fish.  Our collection of videos offers valuable fishing tips and equipment demonstrations.  You’ll find everything from pro tips on lining your Beaver Dam ice fishing tip up to videos showing our favorite fishermen and their favorite Uncle Josh fishing bait in action.  Whether you’re looking for fishing tips from the pros or simply want to watch videos of monster fish caught on a wide variety of fishing bait and lures, you’ll enjoy these videos from the Uncle Josh fishing bait company.

Learn How the Pros Use Our Bait and Lures

Pros like Jerry Bean and Brandon Card trust Uncle Josh to provide the latest and best in bait and lures. Watch them bring in more fish and bigger fish, and learn how they maximize their equipment so you can hit the water and start reeling in the big ones, just like the pros.

See Products in Action Before You Buy

Don’t just take our word for it, watch our products catching real fish in the real world. Dynamic underwater photography shows exactly how fish in the wild will react to our bait and lures. The proof is in the videos, so go ahead and poke around a bit.

Tutorials and Instructionals to Keep you Informed

Need to replace a line or flag on your Beaver Dam tip up? We’ve got you covered. Intrigued by Uncle Josh’s Pork Meat Bait but never used them before? Watch a couple instructional videos to see how to get the fish practically jumping into your boat. We’re always adding new videos from the world of Uncle Josh’s fish, bait and lures, so check back often.

Fish on.  Browse our entire inventory for the best fishing bait, lures, jig heads, pork bait or other tackle shown in our videos.

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