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Fishermen are students of their craft. An angler will continue to use the best fishing lures and locations as long as they continue to work. By creating well priced, highly effective fishing bait, Uncle Josh has earned the trust of anglers who continuously rely on our products. We’re proud to share our exclusive information on which of our fishing baits are the MOST depended upon in the industry. Draw upon this page as your resource for discovering the most popular baits among nationwide anglers. For more information, contact one of our angling experts and we’ll be glad to help you match fishing bait to the target conditions and target fish. Whether you’re looking for the best bait for bass, trout, walleye or muskie, our passion is finding the perfect bait suited to your need.

Variable conditions require variable baits. Uncle Josh delivers the most life-like, highest quality baits to match-the-hatch of the natural food for your intended catch.

Fish on. Shop these best selling fishing baits below or check out our fishermen gift ideas for effective, popular fishing tackle.

KALIN'S SCAMPI LURE Product Number: 104X Call For Price in_stock
PORK WORM 4 Variants Call For Price in_stock
2" MEAT LEECH 2 Variants Starting at $5.99 in_stock
KALIN'S 1 3/4" TRIPLE THREAT CRAPPIE SCRUB 24 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
4" AND 5" JERK MINNOW 12 Variants Starting at $5.49 in_stock
3", 4", 5" LUNKER GRUBS 71 Variants Starting at $3.89 in_stock
3" AND 5" TRIPLE THREAT GRUB 18 Variants Starting at $3.99 in_stock
#11 PORK FROG 4 Variants Starting at $6.11 in_stock
KALIN'S 2" TRIPLE THREAT GRUB 66 Variants Starting at $2.89 in_stock
6", 8", 10" GRUBS 29 Variants Starting at $6.99 in_stock

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