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Last July I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days fishing with my Dad and Uncle.  We were on a two-day mission to catch any fish that was willing to bite.  Despite extreme heat exceeding over 100°F we loaded our gear and headed towards our favorite fishing hot spot.  The mid-summer algae-bloom was fully underway and visibility was at an all-time low to the point where it resembled my Moms split-pea soup!  We knew that a presentation which included both vibration & scent was going to be essential in eliciting bites.  It was the perfect opportunity to experiment with a combination of Uncle Josh MEAT and Echotail blade baits.  We approached our hot spot armed with three similar, but slightly different, lure combinations in an attempt to establish a pattern. My uncle started slinging the ½ oz. Echotail rigged with a MEAT Minnow while my Dad used the new 1 oz Echotail tipped with a 3 inch Kalin’s grub and I used a ¼ oz. Echotail tipped with a piece of MEAT Crawler.  We absolute hammered the fish on all of these rigs.  While many of the fish were not able to resist the incredible action of the Echotail/Kalin's grub combo, fish held onto the MEAT natural pork bait longer which resulted in easier bite detection.  All three of the rigs proved to catch fish after fish throughout the next two days.  Fishing Uncle Josh MEAT and Kalin’s grubs on Echotails made for a fantastic outing that our family will always remember!

Justin Blanchar  

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