Meat Minnows for Walleye Bait

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Pictured is my wife with one of many nice walleyes caught on a MEAT minnow last season.  As an Uncle Josh Pro Staff member and professional fishing guide, I had the opportunity to try "Meat" minnows when they were newly released. I first used them when taking a client out who has never caught a walleye.  We were river fishing below a dam in a fast current area. After fishing traditional live bait and jigs, the fast current and rocky structure kept ripping off our live minnows.  I decided to try the "Meat" minnows and was very impressed.  Not only did they stay on the hook longer, my client caught his first walleye on his second cast.  This proved to me that "Meat" works and I immediately put it in my front line arsenal.  I fished MEAT the rest of the season with my friends and family, clients, and in professional tournaments and we had great results, especially while fishing walleyes. I look forward to next season, and you can bet "Meat" minnows will be on my jig.  

Adam Walton

Pike Pole Fishing Guide Service

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